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CEO Andrew Crites

Andrew Crites

Since it's inception in 1987, Oregon Driver Education Center has been the premier driver education school in the State of Oregon. Currently, ODEC boasts the largest clientele of any driving school in the state, training over 3,000 drivers annually across the Northwest. A well-established company, ODEC's services are utilized by many high profile institutions, schools and businesses throughout the State of Oregon. With a network of over 45 highly qualified DMV approved instructors and drivers, our company consistently receives glowing reviews among the vast majority of customers in all of our programs. Beyond our instructors, those who dialogue with our company find incredibly friendly and abundantly helpful office employees that stand ready to assist with anything one might need, whether via email, in person or by phone. Supporting our office staff is a newly integrated top of the line scheduling software, ensuring that our company allows for the best possible service.

The overwhelming majority of collisions are predictable and therefore preventable. For nearly four decades ODEC’s mission has been and continues to be preventing and reducing collisions. This is accomplished by providing the knowledge, skillset and mindset hallmark of all safe drivers. Our reputation of supplying these essential aspects of fleet training services continue to lead organizations statewide to turn to our program, including transit districts, fire districts, police departments, utility companies and many more. Large and Small organizations alike rely on ODEC to provide them with the powerful combination of advanced driver training tools and elite instructors. The quality of service ODEC provides is unparalleled and guarantees only the finest training for you and your vehicle operators.

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